About Us


We are a family owned and operated business in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Our passion is to introduce people of all walks of life to fitness – including people who haven’t worked out in years or possibly ever! We welcome everyone; from grandparents to elite athletes. We take pride in our fitness education, having sought out the best coaches in the business. It is our desire to teach proper technique to avoid injuries, allowing everyone that steps foot in our facility to feel safe and at home. We provide a positive training environment to help members overcome self doubt or perceived limitations in order to achieve their full potential.  Our desire is for people to leave feeling accomplished: stronger, faster, healthier, and connected.  Community is a big part of CrossTowne Lifefit – we train as a group, persevere as a group, and achieve as a group! We welcome anyone of any level, beginner or expert – our program is SAFE for our members as we teach them the correct way.


We offer a high energy, no-nonsense, friendly and competitive program built on relationship and community.  We help each other to overcome our own physical and mental barriers, achieving goals we never imagined possible. So whether you are a seasoned veteran or total beginner, there is a place for you at CTLF!  Our environment will inspire you to thrive with confidence, and we believe with our supportive community that you will transform both your body and your life.  We know that fitness programs like this aren’t cheap – if you’re looking for cheap, CTLF might not be for you. But joining a community of like-minded people to reinvent your body and mind is an investment; and you won’t find a better fitness family to invest in than CTLF.