Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community atmosphere of physical, mental, and spiritual fitness; to encourage that community to reach out to those who are at risk – the addicts, the depressed, the obese, the sick, and the poor and invite them to gain total health through fitness and community.

Crosstowne Outreach was born out of a need – a need to reach out and help recovering addicts through fitness and faith. Our goal is to scholarship men and women who are striving to live a clean/sober life to CrossTowne LifeFit, which offers organized fitness programs for all levels.

We have seen personally in our own family how addiction can try and take over. But by redirecting those addictive tendencies and cultivating a relationship with God, you can create hope.

We are bringing something very unique and different to help combat the drug epidemic in the state of Oklahoma. The number 1 killer of people ages 25-40 in this state is prescription drugs. We have first hand experience with the challenges that face any person that may know or be an addict. We want to be proactive about the drug situation in our home state. Crosstowne Outreach is a program to not only help the one struggling, but also to help the parent, spouse, brother, sister, or any other family member that is affected by an addict’s lifestyle. We believe multifunctional fitness, nutrition, and life coaching can give anyone the life-long tools they need to get through any of life’s tough times. Crosstowne LifeFit is phase 1 of a two-part vision. The second phase is CrossTowne Ranch – a rehab center to help others through God, Fitness, Nutrition, Animal Rescue and Job Internships/apprenticeships. We believe this is a much needed tool to help others.

Crosstowne Outeach is a 501c3 non profit organization.

For More information or Questions please feel free to call 918-813-2212 or email us at

“Can Crosstowne Outreach help me or someone i know?”

If any of the statements below describe you, Crosstowne Outreach is for you.


I am a recovering addict/alcoholic and I need new friends.


I need something to put my hands to. I am bored and all I can think about is how to get high and get drunk.


I am a parent of a child that is on drugs and I feel hopeless.


My spouse is always High or drunk.

How do I qualify?

For those that are financially unable to purchase a membership to CrossTowne LifeFit – we have scholarship opportunities.
We invite you to fill out an application – acceptance will be decided on a case by case basis. Once you have filled out the application please email it to us at or drop it by our facility.